Monday, September 19, 2011

"Lead"ing the way

I remember when I was pregnant and friends who had gone before me told me to NOT read the "special concern" section of What to Expect When You're Expecting. Of course I  didn't  did and that is when it really started.

The laundry list of worries, ones that happen even before you have the baby and according to my Mom, never end.  There is always something to worry about. I tend to focus on things that I can do NOTHING about. Very effective use of my time but probably pretty typical of many moms out there.

But what about the things that I can do?  Like well-visits, a good night sleep (them, not me) and chocolate in moderation (them, not me again). It was at these well-visits that I first heard about them getting tested for lead. Okay, now something new to worry about that was not even on my radar screen. They were fine but why wasn't it on my radar screen?  Why wasn't it part of that LOOOONG list of worries.

It should have been since we lived in a house built before 1978 (more than 38 million homes in the U.S. contain known lead-based paint hazards and homes built before 1978 are much more likely to contain lead-based paint.)  Luckily my boys were fine but -gulp- what if they weren't and I could have done something to protect them?

Turns out that lead poisoning affects more than 1 million children in the U.S. today, yet it is 100 percent preventable. Studies show that lead poisoning can have harmful effects on children’s health, including learning disabilities and behavioral problems.

Lead-Free Kids is working to educate pregnant women and parents/caregivers of children under six about the hidden dangers of lead poisoning. The campaign is sponsored by the Coalition to End Childhood Lead Poisoning, EPA, HUD and the Ad Council.

I encourage everyone to check out their new website, like them on Facebook, follow them Twitter and subscribe to their YouTube channel. Then go your mom friends not to worry, this they can do something about.

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