Friday, August 5, 2011

Baby, it's not cold inside

So our refrigerator decided to stop keeping things cold. Isn't that like their main purpose in life?  So we hauled everything into two coolers, unplugged it and waited and waited and waited for the repairman.

He could not find anything wrong. Well then. We plugged it back in and happy day, it was working. That is until the day we left for the beach. Ugh. As if packing up a husband, two kids and all our must take too much stuff never sure what we will need in the car was not enough now we had to unload the frig again.

We are back now (refrigerator is still broken).  The beach was great and exhausting.

And I did even make it to Beach Plum Antiques as recommended by Young House Love.

So now I am not only missing the beach but missing a working refrigerator.