Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hello, is anybody still there?

So, I got this new job. It is amazing, fantastic and busy.  My home time has been spent with my "men" and laundry. Not necessarily in that order.

But I got two- you know two- more than one- comment from one of my favorite bloggers and it was just what I needed to get started again. So in the past three months (besides this new job) a few things have changed.  My shelter mag subscriptions have increased gotten out of control, I have gone through a couple cans of white spray paint and I color coded our bookshelf.

Got the idea from Lonny Magazine. It makes me serenely happy whenever a new issue is out.

I thought it was genius. Mine still needs a few trinkets but here is the before:

And a few afters:

Note the hip fish dress I was wearing at 5 years old. Especially fab with my stylish haircut.

Happy Thanksgiving!!