Saturday, September 11, 2010

You Had Me at Office Supplies

I love them SO much that when the catalog would pass my desk at work I would have to restrain myself. Though the funny thing was that I never really ordered anything, nothing was cute. And I wanted cute. Damn cute.  A few years ago I found this site.  It has been a problem ever since.

Have you ever been complimented on your paper clips? I have. They were Italian.
What? Did you think I was not serious about my LOVE?

In case you had any doubt here is a poem to demonstrate my adoration.

It may be fine, medium, black or blue.

Though writing on a manila one would never do. 

They make me smile when I put them in a pile.

I can add up all the reasons,

that they should change with the seasons.
all photos from see Jane work


  1. I can vouch for HT's fancy office supplies... they are quite ooh-la-la!

  2. Oh that little ditty has put smile on my face this morning! From one stationery obsessive to another...

  3. I love them too-- they are so hopeful, and fresh, and optimistic!