Saturday, September 4, 2010


I am one.  It all started during a time of oversized blazers and scooped neck leotards.

 circa 1992. I am the one sporting the blanket/rug blazer. 
Don't I look like a complete arse?

And it continues today. This lunchbox is my current British obsession.

I realised that I did not have anything that truly represented my love for all things English. So I found some items that could be my own little British invasion for my American home.

This poster would be fab framed in our family room/basement. 
Or this lovely vintage tea tin for jewelry, cotton balls or wait for it....tea.

This would be a little much, right?
photo from Wikipedia Creative Commons
Anyone for a spot of tea?


  1. Nice blazer! You must wear first day or work :)

  2. Love the blazer. Today at the Gap I found leggings...with actual stirrups. Stirrups, I tell you! I kept staring at them and laughing...I looked around to show someone and share the joy but realized everyone was about ten years too young to appreciate it.

  3. Maybe I should pair the jacket WITH leggings Now that would be a look!

  4. Love this! My love affair with England started in the spring of 1990, so you can imagine my hair and my huge brown tweed blazer.