Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"Serenity Now!"

I have read if you want to redo your house you should take photos of EVERYTHING to really see what you like and don't like. I will and add it as a little house tour though in the meantime I am collecting photos of rooms that I not only like but that give me that "ahh" feeling. 

Do you think rooms can have or give you a feeling?  I used to like dark wood and darker colors but my taste has changed. Still clean, uncluttered though in softer, lighter colors. These colors are calming and fresh though my love for them has created a small problem. I need to back away from the white spray paint. 

all photos are from DecorPad 

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Light it Up

I am in the process of a small bedroom update. Our bedroom is tiny and we have a California king bed. Do NOT get me started on finding sheets for it.
For the bedroom I want to add a headboard and floating nightstands. Today may be the day that my husband makes my headboard frame.  I have been asking REALLY NICELY for WEEKS now.

The nightstands we have now are old. I love old but it bugs me that they are not the same height. I am envisioning planks painted white secured to the wall. I can then use baskets underneath for books, etc.

I will keep you posted....

Anyway, I did a major laundry room clean up and  came across this lamp.  The shape is great and we need another bedside lamp so....I spray painted the base white and used some grey ribbon to wrap the lampshade.

I saw this idea on some DIY show. I just wrapped and wrapped and tied the ends together on the inside on the shade.

Now the base looks great though the shade is odd. I don't think it is the ribbon but really what did I expect? A quick can't even remember where I saw it idea and a couple of tries would make me the ribbon lampshade wrapping world champion? Please. And I don't think the 100 watt bulb I have in there is an award winning idea either.

Well, I am off to find the ribbon lampshade wrapping champion... they've got to have a blog, right?

Oh, and here is the NO WAY IN HELL is this the finished project.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pottery.....did you think I was going to say Barn?

So there is this pottery sale once a year near my house. It is filled with local artists and their stuff that did not sell throughout the year. Or something like that. I am not a huge fan of pottery- some of it is a little hippie dippy for me but actually in the 4 years that I have been going, I may be getting a little hippie dippy myself.

Here are some of my past purchases. Everything I have gotten is around $5. 

This is for holding soap- I love it for jewelry.

This did not come white. Don't you LOVE white spray paint?

This is ok. Bought anything you thought you should like but don't? 

And what I got today:

I love this. The artist even wrapped it for me. 

Cute, right?

Want to come next year?