Thursday, July 1, 2010

Welcome to the family

When we were first living together my husband tried to get plants in the house. I thought they looked too seventies. Um, huh? was his response. Or translated, "How the HELL can a PLANT look too seventies?"

I think there was some macrame involved at the time, left over from some misplaced bachelor decorating fiasco. Oh, BTW we were not dating in the 1970's I was an INFANT. 

So we have this unused corner in our dining room (please, I would love a dining room). So we have this unused corner in the room where we eat. The only thing there is this carbon monoxide alarm.

Good for safety, not for decorating.  This gave me an opportunity to buy another one of these. Bliss. 

And this.  
Thanks to YoungHouseLove's post about How About Orange's Ikea name game. Does it count if it is from Ikea? 

I would like to welcome PƅLMKE to the family.

         My advice? Watch out for these two. 

                                                 Looks can be deceiving.


  1. Very funny post! I have been meaning to tell you that I purchased three small white versions of your planters. I have no idea what I will do with them, I just had to have them. I blame your blog post about them following you.

    - Klar

  2. You can use them for anything! Depending on the size here are some ideas:

    bathroom: qtips,toothbrush/paste, mascara/eyeliner

    bedroom: everyday jewelry

    kitchen: carry-out packets of ketchup, sugar.

    laundry: items that you find in your pockets- change, etc.

    family room: TV remote, house keys