Tuesday, July 27, 2010

No excuses... but you will get some anyway

Not that there are a ton of people (yet :)) keeping up with my little blog but I should have posted SOMETHING this month. Here are some reasons why I haven't:

1) some of my favorite people came to visit (one even crawled for the first time),

2) went to the beach with these people,

3) is there a 3rd excuse? No, but we had a great time.

I guess I don't need a specific project to post something but it is (in theory) a way to finish or at least start something. Here is my current to do list:

1) make headboard using YHL tutorial

2) use the amazing shells I now have for something

3) paint, paint and PAINT

4) label, label and LABEL

5) divide and conquer another yard sale

6) do-it-myself art project (using an amazing curtain, art frame and staples - similar to headboard project)

7) redo a lampshade- easy project but did not buy enough ribbon

So what is on your to-do list? All excuses accepted.

1 comment:

  1. Ok so on my "to do" list....

    1. get pictures online (doing that as I type)

    2. build a custom wardrobe/closet

    3. get through my first day of roller derby

    4. get a job

    5. get a flat screen tv (this one seems to stay on some people's to do list FOR YEARS!!!)

    6. get eldest son through first day of new daycare

    7. design and build an island.

    There's way more, but at least all achievable...I think :)