Friday, June 11, 2010

Keep the Memory, Not the Item

My grandma's estate sale starts today. She is 96 and still going strong but had to move out of her house earlier this year to an assisted living home. This was the house my Mom grew up in -- they bought the house in 1950. Can you imagine?

I have so many memories tied up with the house and all the items in it. I took some, and all the photos dating back to the 40's which is now a new project for me.

There are things that I wish we could take but we just don't have the room. Like an old nickel slot machine that I spent hours playing when I was little.

I am not going to stop by the sale- I feel like I would want to take it all- somehow bring the memories home to my house.

I keep telling myself that you can have the memory without having the item.

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