Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Have a Seat

I will get to all the other projects I attempted this weekend- teaser: I have a large wet wool rug on our driveway. 

I know! We are the greatest neighbors.

Anyway, I moved out this old blue velvet wing chair (jealous?) from our main room to the basement where all chairs go to live out their days in our house.

I kept eyeing this type of chair thinking it would give the room a beachy look. Side note, husband thought it was ridiculous to put outside chairs inside. This from a man who calls flip flops shower sandals.

I hit the yard sale jackpot this weekend and grabbed two of them! 

Spray painted them white and then put them inside. Um. No.

Since my husband does not even read know I have this blog... he was right. 

Chairs were then moved to front yard. Um. No. 

Side yard. Um. No.

I was not giving up without a fight.  Then this happened. An odd shaped porch and two chairs met one sunny afternoon.

It was love at first (ok 4th sight).


  1. They look great! Thanks for sharing!! In fact, they are exactly what I have been dreaming of for my front porch as well, thanks for the inspiration!


  2. Hi! Thanks- love your blog and thanks for the first non-family comment :)

  3. The chairs looks awesome! Where did you get the cushions? I finally think I figured out how to comment :)

  4. They are old throw pillows with clearance rack target covers. Thanks!