Monday, June 7, 2010

Hang it Up

We have a few blank walls. More now that the basement is finished. It is bothering me. 

What we have I like and except for the frames they are either my photos ...

or the boys art work (no theme rooms, I always just framed their art)....

or framed free images (like vintage wallpaper online)... 

please ignore mess on desk

or have the boys drawn at a local festival.

So now what? Any ideas?


  1. Need more information. What is basement used for now that's it finished? random ideas:
    -you seem to be into the smaller framed pictures. I framed a bunch of postcards and photos and arranged on a wall to take up the amount of space a large piece would take. I like it.
    -hanging more cute kid things up (more artwork hung on line with clothespins like laundry); give kids a huge panel of newspaper paper (the kind you get on rolls) and have them do a large piece of their interpretation of the family or their fav day, etc.
    -blow up a big (like, real big) picture of the kids and frame it. 9 by Design show has done some of these and they look awesome. of big pic of you and your husband as kids next to your kids at same age?

  2. Great ideas thanks! Would have not thought of the big blow up photos of kids or even adding my husband & self along with them.

  3. More ideas...