Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oh la la

One of my oldest friends-- wait, here is my gift to her. I AM the older one but we have know each other since we were 10.

Remember 10? I was all about the monogrammed sweaters and saddle shoes. What? I WAS cool. Stop it.

Anyway, me and another friend hosted a baby shower for her this past Saturday. She wanted to go to Paris before the baby came (I suppose they don't allow them there or else she could go after with the baby) but we did a very subtle "bring Paris to her" shower. 

Small shower about 20 people and my friend the baby has a small cupcake obsession so I made coconut and key lime cupcakes. 

Yes, that is an Eiffel Tower. Could have gone either way- ended up really working. 

and look how good the leftovers were....

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How long has this been going on?

I like the library. You know they have books there? I know, I am really unveiling a mystery here but stay with me.

I have frequented libraries for YEARS but NEVER ever thought of getting HOME design books there until yesterday. 

I am embarrassingly excited about this.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Keep the Memory, Not the Item

My grandma's estate sale starts today. She is 96 and still going strong but had to move out of her house earlier this year to an assisted living home. This was the house my Mom grew up in -- they bought the house in 1950. Can you imagine?

I have so many memories tied up with the house and all the items in it. I took some, and all the photos dating back to the 40's which is now a new project for me.

There are things that I wish we could take but we just don't have the room. Like an old nickel slot machine that I spent hours playing when I was little.

I am not going to stop by the sale- I feel like I would want to take it all- somehow bring the memories home to my house.

I keep telling myself that you can have the memory without having the item.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Hang it Up

We have a few blank walls. More now that the basement is finished. It is bothering me. 

What we have I like and except for the frames they are either my photos ...

or the boys art work (no theme rooms, I always just framed their art)....

or framed free images (like vintage wallpaper online)... 

please ignore mess on desk

or have the boys drawn at a local festival.

So now what? Any ideas?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Have a Seat

I will get to all the other projects I attempted this weekend- teaser: I have a large wet wool rug on our driveway. 

I know! We are the greatest neighbors.

Anyway, I moved out this old blue velvet wing chair (jealous?) from our main room to the basement where all chairs go to live out their days in our house.

I kept eyeing this type of chair thinking it would give the room a beachy look. Side note, husband thought it was ridiculous to put outside chairs inside. This from a man who calls flip flops shower sandals.

I hit the yard sale jackpot this weekend and grabbed two of them! 

Spray painted them white and then put them inside. Um. No.

Since my husband does not even read know I have this blog... he was right. 

Chairs were then moved to front yard. Um. No. 

Side yard. Um. No.

I was not giving up without a fight.  Then this happened. An odd shaped porch and two chairs met one sunny afternoon.

It was love at first (ok 4th sight).